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Coach Recruitment in Cape Town

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ONE10SPORT assists schools, universities and clubs in identifying and employing quality coaches.  The importance of a good coach cannot go unnoticed and it is vital that schools employ the best possible individuals within their budget.  There are an abundance of coaches, but exceptional coaches are often quite hard to find.

ONE10SPORT coaches represent a balance between playing experience, coaching experience and strong leadership capabilities, which delivers the best results and a great understanding and respect between the players and the coach.  We put a lot of emphasis on player management and how best to deal with each individual player.  Having natural technical ability is an added bonus for any player, but it is not sufficient as a stand-alone quality.  A good attitude and a hunger to learn will always outshine technical ability, and for this reason we employ coaches with strong interpersonal skills and motivational ability.  If players are enjoying their sessions, have a mutual respect with the coach/manager and are motivated to achieve success, it is the perfect recipe for success.

Every school, university and club has their own set of objectives, which is critical when placing a coach in a specific environment.  Often a school may want to introduce a sport as a fun extramural activity without the added pressure of competition or perhaps the school is looking to put a training programme in place that provides a stepping stone for players to launch their sporting careers.  Regardless of the objectives, all players should be exposed to the best available coaches and this is critical to the success of sport in South Africa as a whole.

Let us contribute to your school, university or club’s success by offering quality coaching to your players from the start.  A strong start is always more likely to end in a strong finish, with unlimited success awaiting all those willing to learn and work hard.

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