With football expanding rapidly with each passing day, the demand for quality coaches is increasing proportionally.  In South Africa, there is a lack of quality coaches and a large scope of opportunity for those hungry to succeed as a manager/coach.  The burning question is though “How long will it take to complete an internationally recognised qualification in football – days, months or years?”

Surprisingly, and quite simply, a manager can qualify with their C License in just 10 days/60 hours.  You might ask, “Well what value will a 10 day course hold on a managers resume?” In footballing terms, 60 hours of coach education is immense and many franchises accept a C License as a standard for an assistant position and even as a head coach position depending on the size of the club or franchise.  In South Africa, if you hold a C License, you are among a select few with the qualification and will be in the driving seat to fill vacancies at local clubs.  In fact, with a C License you would be in a position to develop an academy of your own, but you would likely want to couple your qualification with some relevant experience at an elite franchise or club.

If South Africa could produce 1000 C License coaches in the next two to three years, it would drastically improve football at both amateur and elite level, and in our opinion, be adequate enough to achieve world cup qualification by 2026.  The 2022 vision is a massive ambition and it should be the goal, but realistically 2026 is achievable at the current rate of growth.

The appetite for football in South Africa is limitless with only a very small portion of the population being exposed to quality coaching.

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