UEFA Soccer Coaching Courses in South Africa

Introduction and FAQ’s:

For the past 6 years, we have enjoyed a very fruitful partnership with the Scottish Football Association, allowing ONE10SPORT to facilitate the delivery of the Scottish FA Football Coach Education Courses in Southern Africa.

What does this partnership mean for you as an aspiring football manager?

The partnership is hugely significant for all aspiring coaches, African and global, as it is now possible and viable to complete your Scottish FA C License Coaching Course on home soil in Windhoek, Namibia at a fraction of the fee (roughly one third) compared to completing the identical qualification abroad.

Are there pre-requisites (certain requirements) for an aspiring coach to attend?

No, all coaches, experienced or not, are accepted and welcomed onto the course and guided through each step by the Scottish FA instructors.  The courses are structured from introductory level, gradually moving up towards the more advanced tactical components of the C License Course. Participants are provided with digital study material and all the support they need to ensure that they are adequately prepared to move up the qualification ladder.

Do I receive the identical qualification as one would attending the course in Scotland?

Yes, the course is run in it’s entirety by the Scottish FA and the association’s UEFA accredited instructors who fly out to deliver the courses in Namibia. All accreditation (certificates and badges) is issued directly by the Scottish FA, as it is done in Scotland.

Does this qualification make one eligible to apply for the UEFA B License?

Yes, in May every year, we offer coaches who have completed their Scottish FA C License in Namibia, the opportunity to apply for the UEFA B License in Scotland at the Heriot-Watt University, Oriam Performance Centre in Edinburgh. We assist all eligible candidates with their applications and corresponding travel bookings, upon acceptance (by the Scottish FA) onto the course.